What is the Goldilocks Zone?

To have liquid water and nourish life on a planrt, it must be just the right distance from its star. This area is called the "Habitable Zone" and also called as the "Golidilocks Zone."
Day by day, just as little Goldilocks looked for "just right" porridge or a bed that was just right, exoplanet explorations search for a place where life may thrive.


"Goldilocks and the Three Bears" - A Fairytale

This story was born as a Brithsh fairytale and is well known around the world You hear the expression "just right" over and over in the book. In fact, the story has even turned the word Goldilocks into an adjective indicating almost anything that is just right. For instance, a not too hot or cold economy, sustaining moderate economic growth and a low inflation allowing for a market friendly monetary policy is called a Goldilocks economy.